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The I.I.V. Fémipari Kft. Was founded in the winter of 2008 by László Ilyés self-employed.

Our predecessor, as the main profile of the sole proprietorship, carried out the routine maintenance of large environmental companies. These companies include a sugar factory,  paper factory in Szolnok,  Martfű brewery, and Mars Csongrádbokros.

Based on our experience, this company use a 1000 m2 workshop, where we  deals with welding, machining and engineering services.

Fabricator activity:

make small and medium-sized structures,

industrial pipeline installation,

technological assembly,


die cutting tool manufacture.

Welding activity:

welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum structures,

loading and repair welding.


small machine design,

reverse generation,

make 3D plans,

welding engineering services.

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